Terminal Building Information of Pensacola International Airport

The Pensacola International Airport terminal building was constructed back in the 1990s. The terminal has 12 boarding gates, the first ten of which (Gates 1-10) is located on the 2nd floor, while the Gates 11 and 12 are located on the ground floor of the building.

Gates are assigned regarding the airline providing the flight. Thus, American Airlines are operating from Gates 5, 7, and 9; Delta Air Lines are operating from Gates 2 and 4; Silver Airways are flying from Gate 11; Southwest Airlines are providing flight from Gate 10; United Airlines are operating from Gate 3; and Frontier Airlines from Gate 6. Gate 8 is the only one which is opened and is mainly used by the charter flights or airline that needs another boarding gate.

The terminal building is located 37 meters above average sea level.