Transportation Provided by Pensacola International Airport

Pensacola International Airport granted certain vehicles a permit for operation of the territory of the airport. Therefore, there are specific fixed fare rates that might not be changed. Thus, the stated airport minimum fare is $11.00 or $2.00 for the first 1/9th mile. After that, each additional mile will cost $0.25 plus the airport pick-up fee which is another $2.00.

The Courtesy Cars are providing rides from the airport to any site of the city and vice versa. There are several companies presented by different hotels mainly that are serving the passengers arriving at the Pensacola Airport.

Local Phone: (850) 433-3336

Local Phone: (850) 478-1123

Local Phone: (850) 479-8900

Local Phone: (850) 474-3777

Local Phone: (850) 483-5599

Moreover, Taxi services are provided by several companies as well. Some of those are:

Local Phone: (850) 478-4477 or (850) 478-6655

Local Phone: (850) 760-4993

Local Phone: 850-393-5060

No Website Available

Local Phone: 850-380-3247

Local Phone: (850) 426-5797

Local Phone: (850) 605-6350

No Website Available

Local Phone: (850) 304-5656

Local Phone: (850) 723-7265

Local Phone: (850) 912-8338 or (850) 912-8038

Local Phone: (850) 529-1806

No Website Available

Local Phone: (850) 712-0339

Local Phone: (850) 390-9191

No Website Available

Local Phone: (850) 485-9623

No Website Available

Local Phone: (850) 221-0681

The Taxi Services might be taken from Uber and Lyft as well.